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Vítejte na stránkách skupiny Jääääär

About us

The music group Jääääär has been founded in 2006 by several members of the vocal-instrumental ensemble Lusatia consort in Cvikov, North Bohemia. The group plays especially gothic music from all Europe. However, at their concerts you can also hear folk songs, or if you like ethnic songs. Thanks to their various songs, the audience can visit the endless forests of the cold Scandinavia, the magic heathlands of the Brittany, the monumental medieval castles as well as the hot Balkans. At their concerts, the players from the group wear contemporary costumes and play replicas of medieval and folk instruments. The group consists of young and energetic people, who enrich their songs by a considerable portion of enthusiasm.

Apart from performances in the Czech Republic, where the group plays mainly at diverse festivals or fairs, usually connected with history, Jääääär has also hold concerts abroad. It has already appeared in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and also Croatia.     

Moreover, every year in our home town Cvikov the festival Baraban Etnofest takes place. We do not just participate at the festival as players, but as members of the burgher association Lusatia consort o. s. that holds this festival we also help with its organization. On you will find more information about Baraban Etnofest, where every year also some foreign music groups appear. 

At the beginning the group played unter the name "Sine nominis in temporis hodie" ("At time without name"), that  has been soon changed into "Jäääär" (with four "ä"), meaning "the edge of ice" in Estonian. Later on we have discovered that there is already an Estonian group called Jäääär and we had to add one more "ä" into the name of our group.

Jääääär is the music group with the most consecutive letter "ä" in the world. (Although we have not verified, if this is really truth, we suppose that there is no "crazier" music group with more "ä" in its name.)